Vancouver Physiotherapy Chiropractic Massage Therapy Clinic Under Construction on Knight Street at King Edward Village

Business Growth Prompts Lift Clinic to Relocate to 4030 Knight Street, Vancouver in 2021

Lift Clinic is Growing: Relocating to 4030 Knight Street, Vancouver will help us make our mark in the Vancouver Physiotherapy, Chiropractic and RMT Massage Therapy scene.

Lift Clinic is excited to create an improved client experience with a newly renovated suite just a block and a half away about a 5 mins walk from its current location in the Spring of 2021!

Lift Clinic’s Vancouver physiotherapy, chiropractic and massage therapy team is growing! After 3 years in collaboration with our current partner Enhanced Performance, we are excited to announce that both companies need more space! A short while ago our team consisted of one physio, one chiro and one RMT. As of today our team has doubled in size and we expect this to continue.

It’s an amicable separation – we’ll always love Enhanced Performance, and we’re still friends 🙂

Enhanced Performance will continue to operate at the current location 1558 Kingsway. Our move will allow both companies to focus on their core clientele and have full control of their business operating environment, so you can expect some exciting changes for both clients and staff.

Lift Clinic has enjoyed a fun and productive partnership with this passionate group of strength coaches, and we fully intend to continue collaborating with Enhanced Performance in the years to come.

We worked very hard to find a location that would accommodate our active clientele and build upon our strengths with multidisciplinary team-based care. But we were also careful to choose a spot nearby, so that our two companies can maintain a close working relationship.

We believe in redefining the way clients achieve rehabilitation and performance goals.

This new Lift Clinic location will be purpose-built to enhance teamwork between our clinicians, and facilitate clients being able to access the most effective means to treat their pain, build strength and understand their best pathway for moving forward.

We achieve this through the full skillset of physiotherapy, chiropractic and massage therapy in collaboration with strength and conditioning coaches and the broader medical, health and wellness community. Literacy in the strength and conditioning environment has been a founding principle of our clinic since its inception in 2017.

Our clients are active and expect big things –

Our design will create a unique clinical environment where clinicians and clients can address the full range of pain and performance goals.

This new location will feature high ceilings, private RMT treatment room and semi-private treatment areas for chiropractic and physiotherapy. The result:

  • a more seamless collaborative environment that will supercharge clinical collaboration, and interdisciplinary learning
  • truly team-based care and a wide range of systems and processes built to support this
  • a fun, productive environment for clinicians and clients to feel comfortable and supported as they advance their rehabilitation and performance goals
  • a seamless transition between treatment table to appropriate reinforcing and reloading exercise – we aim to make the experience comfortable for people of all ages
  • continued emphasis on minimalist design, paperless operations, and receptionless
  • active collaboration with a network of Vancouver’s best strength coaches, physicians, sport med doctors, podiatrists, surgeons, sport coaches and more
  • a place for our team to have fun, and make our mark in the community

A location that’s easy to get to.

We’re also pleased that we can offer clients easy access via multiple transit routes, ample bike parking and free underground parking in the large lot serving Save-on-Foods and the greater King Edward Village.

We’re very excited that we were able to stay in the neighborhood.

4030 Knight Street is a suite facing onto Knight Street between King Edward Avenue and Kingsway. This suite is a part of King Edward Village, a recognizable development with Save-on-Foods, the Vancouver Public Library Kensington Branch, and friends from Anytime Fitness, Loaded Athletics, Lotus Medical, Vancouver Foot and Ankle Clinic all within half a block. Not to mention favourite eats Pallet Coffee and Knight St Cafe.

We will be making further announcements to share the details of our facility.

For now you can still book with us at our usual spot!

Our current location:
Lift Performance and Rehabilitation Clinic
1558 Kingsway, Vancouver, BC V5N 2R9

Details of our future location, timing etc will be forthcoming as things develop!

Meet Lift Clinic - a team of Vancouver Physiotherapy, Chiropractic and RMT Massage Therapy practitioners who believe in strength and movement for life.

Have pain or movement goals?

Lift Clinic is located in East Vancouver at 4030 Knight St. Our team of Vancouver physiotherapists, chiropractors, massage therapists, and strength coaches is ready to help you reach your goals as efficiently as possible! Click Book Now to get started, or Contact Us if you have any questions or would like to speak directly to a Vancouver physio, chiro or RMT about your situation before you book.

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