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Get to know our Physiotherapists: Henry Young

What are your pugs’ names? (and why?)

The fawn pug is Bruce and the black pug is Jet. I’m a big fan of martial arts movies, so I named them after Bruce Lee and Jet Li.

Henry a Vancouver Physiotherapist at Lift Clinic with his pug dogs Bruce and Jet

Why did you want to become a physio?

While I was working as a fitness trainer and kinesiologist over the years, I realized that the part I enjoyed the most about the work was figuring out why and how people got stronger, faster, and better. I decided studying physiotherapy was a good way to enhance my knowledge and assessment skills to improve the way I help people.

What was the most memorable thing about studying your Master of Physiotherapy in Australia?

I had a clinical placement at a sports injury clinic. Through completion of the placement I was immediately offered a position as a physio assistant and eventually as a registered physiotherapist. It gave me the opportunity to learn from some of the top sports physios in Sydney. It also gave me the opportunity to work with many athletes (professional and amateur). I’ve had the pleasure of working with basketball, volleyball, and Australian football teams during my stay in Australia. A cool example is that through working with the Sydney Kings, I got to work with NBA athlete Andrew Bogut.

Why did you choose Lift Clinic as your place to work?

I appreciate the environment and culture that Lift Clinic embodies. They value movement, and performance just like I do. My teammates approach to appointments is similar to how I would treat: detailed assessments and empowering people to move, and not just throwing machines on patients. I enjoy the opportunity to collaborate with other teammates in the practice.

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