How to Order Tape for Sport Teams

Tips on how to make bulk tape orders for any club or high school sport teams! (note we’re based in Vancouver)

Athletes from a variety of sport teams rely on tape to help support their athletic performance or for rehabilitation. Making bulk tape orders for players on a large team such as ultimate frisbee or volleyball makes the whole training process more efficient, reduces the need to go through taping orders excessively, and helps athletes save a couple of dollars.

At Lift Clinic, our practitioners prefer using trainer’s tape from Renfrew Athletics through our primary suppliers, Vereburn or Athletic Trainers Room. Create a Team / Corporate Account to access better pricing.

For those of you who are local in Vancouver, and need to get to a store and pick something up quickly, try Paris. Paris is a local supplier that also offers a wide range of medical supplies including K-Tape. Check out their website for more detail: http://pariseverybody.com

Aside from this, many products are available via Amazon and it’s often good to check there. We also get gloves locally from Costco.

What are the essential supplies in a medical kit?

This is our medkit. We chose to purchase toolkits from our local Home Depot store because they have tons of pockets and cost about $120 less than a first aid trainer’s bag, while they’re also designed to withstand indoor/outdoor use and be highly durable.

When purchasing, you’ll need to get a sense of how much you run through of a given product to help predict your supplies in order to keep stocked up.

For a single event, below is a list of what we always keep in stock for our med kit:


  • Tuff skin x1
  • Paramedic Scissors x1
  • Tape cutting scissors (we use Wescott Teflon Titanium non-stick scissors, important for K-tape)
  • Tape shark x1
  • Cover roll x1
  • Pro wrap x1
  • Lightplast x1
  • Tensoplast x1
  • Zinc oxide x2
  • Heel and lace pads x20
  • K-tape x2
  • Self-adherent wrap x2
  • Saline flush x1
  • Hand sanitizer x1
  • Small wound kit x1
  • Tensor bandage x1
  • Double-width tensor x1
  • Skin lube x1

First-Aid Bag:

We have a pretty extensive first aid/trauma bag – you can scale it up or down based on your training and needs.
  • Big non-adherent pad x4
  • Small non-adherent pad x4
  • Knuckle bandage x4
  • Finger tip bandage x4
  • Purell wipe x4
  • Alcohol wipe x4
  • Polysporine x4
  • Triangle bandage x1
  • Conforming stretch bandage x1
  • Pressure bandage x1


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