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Neck Health: What Would You Be Doing Right Now If You Could Lift Your Ability to 100%?

Beat Neck Pain and Improve Performance With Lift Clinic's Vancouver Physiotherapy, Chiropractic, RMT Massage Therapy, and Strength Coach Team.

Whether you're here for performance...

Nicole McNamara
After needing shoulder surgery back in 2017, I was so afraid that I would be one of those volleyball athletes who struggles with shoulder pain their entire career. Thanks to Travis and his team at Lift Clinic, I trust that this isn’t the case. Travis helped me so much throughout my recovery, and has continued to do so over the years. He has so much knowledge of the human body and the importance of the neck when it comes to shoulder health. After releasing tension in my neck my shoulder felt stronger and without pain. I am so grateful for Travis and Lift Clinic for helping me keep my shoulder healthy over the years so that I can feel my best out on the court!

...or for rehabilitation, your neck health matters. We're ready to help.

Michael Thompson
I went to see Henry at Lift after speaking with both my doctor and two massage therapists regarding issues in my neck and shoulders and an inability to lift my right arm above the horizontal. Within 10 minutes Henry had identified the main issues, isolated them into acute and chronic types and by the end of our first appointment had developed an exercise routing for me to follow at home. I started to see improvement within days which has continued gradually during the following weeks and follow-up appointments. Henry is professional, helpful and adaptive to different clients lifestyles and person exercise routines. The clinic is also able to charge my extended healthcare provider directly avoiding the need for unnecessary paperwork. I would recommend to anyone

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Take a sneak peek into how we help clients like you to improve neck health and reach their goals

Neck rehab: how will we help you to beat neck pain or injury, and reach your goals?

Here’s what you can expect with treatment at Lift Clinic:

So, what WOULD you be doing right now if your neck health and function were 100%?

This question gets closer to the core of who you are – coming in with a focus on function and what’s most important to you really gives us context to develop appropriate goals, and understand the level of resilience or solutions you’ll need so that you can heal and thrive. 

Please take a moment to reflect on this, we’ll ask you to write this in your intake form. 

What else can I do to prepare for my appointment?

Take the first step to improving your neck health, eliminating your neck pain and achieving your performance goals!

Neck Health FAQs for Pain and Rehabilitation Goals

  • whiplash
  • neck sprain or strain
  • herniated discs
  • pinched nerves
  • headaches
  • muscle spasms
  • mobility limitations (e.g. forward bending, back-bending, rotation)
Often, even though you may have a clear injury, there are underlying problems in the muscles and joints in and around the neck that could be exacerbating that injury.  This is why it’s important to go through an assessment to determine where else in the body could be not functioning properly.
  • Physiotherapists are known for detailed assessments and a range of manual therapy and exercise techniques along the rehab to performance spectrum. Some of our physiotherapists also use dry needling aka intramuscular stimulation (IMS). 
  • Chiropractors at Lift Clinic are known for detailed assessments, thorough 30-60 minute sessions, careful and safe treatments and an overall very modern approach similar to a great physiotherapist. Our chiropractors have excellent manual therapy skills including joint manipulation, soft tissue massage and instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization, as well as a high literacy regarding the full spectrum of rehab and performance exercise. 
  • Massage Therapists at Lift Clinic offer “modern massage” treatments where clients are encouraged to come in sportswear just like you would for physio/chiro. This allows us to incorporate more thorough assessment and test/retest as well as a broader range of effective treatment techniques. These assessment and treatment techniques are sometimes prohibited by traditional massage therapy under the sheets. But that said, we do also offer “traditional massage” treatments if this is important to the client.
  • Strength Coaches at Lift Clinic have a minimum bachelor of kinesiology degree and typically an extensive background of experience and mentorship with top strength coaches in the field.  Our strength coaches have experience spanning rehab to performance with everything from ICBC car accident recovery to training Olympic hopefuls. Strength coaches are particularly good at a) coaching and b) programming workouts. We can’t understate the importance of solid coaching instruction and feeback, and smartly designed workouts that build you up rather than break you down. 
Let us know if you have any other questions about the disciplines involved in your care.

You may have an intuitive sense (you know your body best!).  For example, if you feel tension or tightness, getting a massage may be the most beneficial.  Or, if something in your neck feels pinched or stuck, seeing our chiropractor may be the best option. But, if this is a chronic issue,  we recommend seeing a physiotherapist or chiropractor for a thorough assessment and together you can start to create a plan of care that will likely involve different types of treatment to get you feeling back to normal.

What is optimal neck function and how does this help you run, jump, train, and play?

Having optimal neck movement is important not only to prevent neck pain and headaches, but also because it helps maintain the region where the nerves that control your arms come from.

For example, mobility limitations in the upper neck and tension in the upper trapezius muscles is often associated with irritability of the mid neck levels. This is where the nerves that control your shoulders come from (see quote above from Nicole).

As a result, it is common that people who are “putting up” with a certain amount of neck tension or mobility limitations, are also experiencing weakness or range of motion limitations in the shoulder. 

Thus the neck is often involved in rotator cuff pain, or if you look at it another way, optimal neck health supports optimal shoulder and arm strength and mobility.

To optimize performance, your neck plays a key role in arm power. Explosive throwing movements, explosive hitting movements, having a fluid reach in swimming, or absorbing shock and impact in your shoulders such as in gymnastics can be significantly affected by neck functioning. If you show neck limitations, your shoulders will be weaker and thus, you performance will suffer. Getting your neck to optimal functioning is important not just for daily life, but for all types of athletic performance!

When is the best time to get treatment for neck pain or mobility limitations?

Simply put, the sooner the better. Sometimes people think, “maybe I’ll just wait it out.” 

But really, the pain may decrease, but have you addressed the root cause of the problem? 

Coming in sooner than later allows us to understand and treat the pain and symptoms, while also assessing and addressing the root cause. 

Having a detailed assessment that looks at where your pain or mobility limitations are coming from as well as what is the root cause is the first step. If you’ve read this far, chances are your next, best step will be to book an appointment online, or contact us by phone at 604-229-3500, if you have any more questions.

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