Recap of the Volleyball BC Beach Provincials

The Lift team had the opportunity to provide quality onsite medical and treatment services for athletes of all ages and levels this past weekend at the 2019 Volleyball BC Beach Provincials on Spanish Banks.

Physiotherapist Travis performing IMS – dry needling on tight hip flexor and thigh muscles

Our team was joined by our colleagues – Physiotherapists Adrienne Chan and Lisa Ruggles as well as Massage Therapist Tatham Johnson. Through collaboration and team problem-solving, we were able to provide optimal care to athletes tailored to their individual needs. From taping and dry needling to cupping and manual therapy, our clinicians employed a range of treatment approaches to aid athletes in recovering and performing to their full potential.

Physiotherapist Lisa completing a lower back tape job


Chiropractor Dan maneuvering the thoracic spine to reduce stiffness and increase mobility


Massage Therapist Mike mobilizing the shoulder joint with active release


Cupping to release tight calf muscles and aid in oxygen and blood flow to the region

This weekend, we were accompanied by a number of shadowing University students that had the opportunity to learn and be a part of the interdisciplinary team by engaging directly with athletes on obtaining key health information. As professional therapists, it was important for us to not only educate our students but to also learn from each other to hone our craft and get results from our athletes. We were thrilled by this opportunity to give back to the community and to see a range of individuals this weekend playing at such a high caliber.

Physiotherapist Adrienne releasing an athlete’s upper and mid-back while Mike helps one of our shadowing students how to record key findings

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