Tech Neck Pain and Exercises from a Physiotherapist

Tech neck? 5 exercises to try from a physiotherapist

Tech neck is a new term for neck pain people get from too much time in bad postures while looking at screens! Learn what exercises a physiotherapist recommends to treat and prevent it!

What is "Tech Neck?"

Think about how many hours a day you spend hunched over laptop or cellphone. As the world is becoming more digital everyday, the majority of us spend most of our day looking down at a device. As a result, this puts our neck in a challenging, and uncomfortable position. While some people cope well, many people begin to experience pain and neck tension.

“Tech Neck”/”Text Neck” is the name for the constant strain on the neck and upper shoulder muscles while using, phones, tablets, and laptops at a downward angle. 

Consequences of tech neck posture include headaches, neck and upper back pain, shoulder stiffness, and fatigue.

On the surface – it’s a chronic muscle strain from overly sore and tired neck muscles having to hold your head up while looking down. 


But why do some people get neck pain and tension, while others don't?

Root-causes issues of tech neck we often find in our assessments often include:

  • poor posture,
  • poor breathing patterns,
  • joint mobility limitations in the neck, shoulder, upper and lower back.

If you’d like to get to the root cause of your neck pain, book an initial assessment with one of our physiotherapists or chiropractors. We provide thorough 60-minute assessments designed to thoroughly understand your neck pain and how it relates to the rest of your body.

Ok so we understand what tech neck is and a little bit about what can cause tech neck. But what can we do about it? 

Here are 5 top exercises to help your neck feel better!

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What else should you know about these tech neck exercises?

Get to the root cause of your tech neck - come for an initial assessment!

Tech neck treatment: what can be done beyond exercises?

Physiotherapist treating tech neck

Aside from exercises, your physiotherapist or chiropractor will typically perform a range of manual therapy treatment. The goal is to reset some of the mobility limitations that underly your pain. Manual therapy may include soft tissue massage, joint mobilization and manipulation, IMS/Dry Needling and more. 

At Lift Clinic we also offer massage therapy and strength and conditioning services. Ask your practitioner if these services may also be right for you.

Meet Lift Clinic - a team of Vancouver Physiotherapy, Chiropractic and RMT Massage Therapy practitioners who believe in strength and movement for life.

Have pain or movement goals?

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