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Initial RMT Visit (60-minutes)

Versatile. Safe. Therapeutic. Responsive. Our registered massage therapists recognize that your goals may vary from improving range of motion to decreasing pain, and sometimes just relaxing and lowering stress. Let’s discuss your goals up-front and help you to achieve them with massage therapy at Lift Clinic.

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Every RMT Treatment is
Different, Just Like You.

How Our Unique Vancouver Massage Therapy Services Will Help You Get Your Goals on Track:

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Pain, movement, performance, or longevity? Starting with our intake form and continuing through treatment – we want to know WHY you’re here. What brings you in? How is your issue affecting your goal, and why does this matter?

Our consults and initial visits normally begin with the Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA). This rapid head-to-toe assessment helps us understand how the whole body and local areas affect your issue. Whether our goal is to get on the table and get relaxed, or solve complex issues and get to the root of your pain or movement limitations, we’re ready for you.

Our massage therapists have a background in elite sports, strength and conditioning and a personal passion for helping people be their best. But we also recognize there are times when clients just need to relax. It’s rare to find massage therapists who can span this full scope of practice. At Lift Clinic, we just think it’s the way it should be.

Speaking of the SFMA head to toe assessment, our physios, chiros and massage therapists have ALL studied to ensure we can see the body through the same lens. With this ability, we then apply our unique individual skills to help you reach your goals. In time, therapists learn to understand one another’s strengths and the client wins.

Meet The Lift Clinic Team

Every Day, Our Vancouver Massage Therapy Services and the Team Here at Lift Clinic Helps Clients Like You.

Vancouver physiotherapist rated 5 stars on google reviews
Based on over 60 reviews

Here's what they say:

Dustin Szeto
Dustin Szeto
I started seeing Sam during the COVID-19 pandemic because of a back injury I sustained while squatting in my home gym. Since this was early in the pandemic and in-person appointments were not possible, I saw Sam via the online appointments. I was amazed how effective these online sessions were, and it is clear that Sam is an extremely knowledgeable physiotherapist. Once we began doing in-person session, he helped me improve my lifting technique and I am now lifting pain free, which was not the case prior to my injury! I highly recommend seeing Sam at Lift!
Jessica L
Jessica L
I started going here in January, 2020 for a MVA. Sam has done an amazing job helping me through my recovery and giving me stretches and exercises to perform at my best throughout the day. I recently saw him again for a follow-up appointment virtually and Sam was able to deliver the same attention, care, and feedback as he would during our in person sessions. I highly recommend seeing him for Physio treatments!
Sam is a great physiotherapist. He’s friendly, knowledgeable, and professional.
Stanley Su
Stanley Su
Love the clinic and space they have here! I have been seeing Sam and Dan over the past few months and their thorough assessment and treatment style has been better than other clinics I have been to. They really care and set you up on a well made treatment plan to get you back to 100%. Super knowledgeable and genuine people that work here.
Michael So
Michael So
Been dealing with a combination of wrist, shoulder and lower back pain for a number of years due to minor injuries from gym activities as a beginner and because of this my body was never feeling 100%. Was skeptical all about seeing another Chiro or Physio because of all the temporary fixes and in a few days symptoms would flare up again. Saw Henry and he found the root of my symptoms. After 2 or so visits of soft tissue work along with some simple stretches for homework and his enthusiasm for powerlifting, he managed to find a way to alleviate most of my aches and pains, as well find new techniques to help me set personal bests for my lifts.
Derrick Chong
Derrick Chong
Travis and Dan saved me from mobility issues after 1.5 months of treatment. Now I'm happily active and healthy again. Lift has an incredibly knowledgeable and friendly team - I highly recommend them!
Joe C
Joe C
I have had a long history problems with my left knee ACL, and seen as many as 7 different physios in the past. Most of the past physios I've seen were not so good at following up or i felt were not effective with their treatment plan. I found Henry at Lift through mutual friends and so far I found him to be quite knowledgeable, very hands on. I liked how he was very thorough with his initial assessment, asking the right questions, and personally following up with me during afterwork hours to see how things were and whether i had any questions with the exercise plan he came up with. So far so good and I'd likely recommend him to my friends and family.
Diana Pham
Diana Pham
The team at Lift Clinic is outstanding! Glad to have received physiotherapy, massage, and chiropractic services at one of Vancouver's top multidisciplinary clinics. I've had a number of injuries from years of paddling and lifting. Lift has helped me recover and return to doing what I love to do best.
Had a shoulder surgery about 10 years ago. With the help from Travis Dodds and team its been stronger than ever. Most recently, I got into a bad car accident and thought i would see the team at Lift Clinic again and have not been dissapointed with the exceptional knowledge the team has. Its a very clean facility and i feel very safe with their covid19 protocals. I would highly recommend all my family and friends to see the team at Lift Clinic as they are well trained, safe/clean and quite friendly to get along with. Thanks to the team at Lift Clinic for the continued help with my recovery.
Bobby Gibson
Bobby Gibson
The team at Lift has been outstanding in trying to help me regain my active lifestyle after injuries and mobility issues. Travis, Dr. Dan, and Mike work collaboratively to formulate a comprehensive treatment plan designed to help you achieve your goals. I've been very happy with the professionalism, knowledge, and individually tailored treatment plans all three have provided - and the way everything they do is connected to what their colleagues are helping me with. I highly recommend Travis, Dr. Dan, and Mike if you're looking to return to form, or improve your ability to move more freely.
Clients love booking online: Easy, fast, no waiting, available 24/7.

Vancouver RMT Services in the new normal: clean, safe, secure

Your health is our number one priority so we’ve redesigned our
clinics and safety protocols to keep you and our team safe.

Common Injuries Successfully
Treated With a Modern Vancouver Massage Therapy Approach:

  • Neck – Strain, Whiplash, Surgery
  • Shoulder – Rotator Cuff, Calcific Tendonitis
  • Elbow – Tennis Elbow, Golfer’s Elbow
  • Wrist and thumb – sprains, carpal tunnel
  • Back Pain – Low back, Mid back, Upper back
  • Rib Sprains and strains (pain with breathing)
  • Pelvis – SI joint and gluteal pain
  • Hip – groin strains, hamstring and hip flexor
  • Knee – ACL, MCL, Meniscal, IT Band
  • Ankle – Strain/Sprain, Shin Splints
  • Foot – Plantar Fasciitis, Achilles
  • Overuse Injuries
  • Pre and Post-Operative Rehab
  • Sciatica – Piriformis Syndrome
  • Disc bulges, herniated disc, nerve pain
  • Scoliosis
  • Posture, neck tension
  • Sports Injuries, taping and bracing
  • Strains & Sprains
  • Car Accident Injuries – Whiplash
  • Arthritis – Osteo Joint Pain
  • Concussions (headache, neck pain symptoms)

Common “Performance” Goals
We Frequently Work With

  • Full-body movement checkup
  • Jump higher
  • Run faster
  • Strength and conditioning for jumping
  • Build strength
  • Core stability
  • Squat deeper
  • Press better
  • Carry better
  • Hinge better
  • Mobility development
  • Advanced flexibility (yoga, dance and gymnastics)
Clients love booking online: Easy, fast, no waiting, available 24/7.

RMT Services Direct Billing

Insurance Covered & Submitted for You

Your registered massage therapy is covered by most extended health insurance plans. We also direct bill your insurance company when available.

FAQ - Things People Ask Us About Massage Therapy

Yes, massage therapy for low back pain is one of the most in-demand services we provide. At Lift Clinic we generally offer a more detailed assessment than you will find in many massage therapy practices, with the goal to understand and treat your pain but also its root cause(s).

Yes, massage therapy for headaches is a common condition we treat. In situations where relief is not immediate or lasting, we often collaborate with our physio and chiropractic colleagues here at Lift Clinic.

We treat ICBC clients with massage therapy. At this time we do not direct bill ICBC so you’ll pay by credit card up front and can submit your receipts to ICBC for reimbursement. The 30-minute massage therapy appointment is typically fully covered by ICBC.

Yes, we offer direct billing for most major insurers. After booking your appointment, you’ll receive an intake form – please fill it out and provide your policy number and member ID number so we can direct bill. In the event that your insurance provider does not accept direct billing, you’ll receive receipts in your email that you can use for your records/submissions.

At Lift we love to work as a team. We strongly value each others’ assessments and input, and take joy in extending our skillset and abilities through our colleagues. 

Yes, massage therapy at Lift Clinic is meant to help clients optimize their movement and function. We love working with active clients whether that means gym-goers, athletes or people who just want to stay active and versatile for life. We’re also well versed in strength training and mobility exercises so we can help you to choose appropriate exercises to reinforce our manual therapy work.

Have more questions? Check out our site-wide FAQ page, or contact us!

Clients love booking online: Easy, fast, no waiting, available 24/7.