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Single Leg Balance: Resets

Optimize your single leg balance and mobility with Lift Clinic’s team of physio, chiro, RMT and strength coaches! 

This post will focus on the resets techniques used to find the root causes of limitations in single leg balance. Resets are hands-on techniques that we use to treat movement limitations in the body. Check out these reset techniques that we use to improve single leg balance. 

This post is a continuation of our blog series on our full body assessment. If you haven’t already, visit our blog page to learn more about how we assess and treat other movements in the body.

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When you come in for an intial assessment, we will assess these 10 movement patterns in your body. By finding limitations in these movement patterns and by looking beyond the site of your injury, our clinicians can find the root cause of your pain and bring lasting results

For any given movement pattern, our treatment approach follows 4 primary steps:

Techniques used to test ranges of motion and find the root causes of limitations

Hands on treatment techniques used to improve & restore limited range of motion

Exercises or self treatments that help maintain the gains made from the reset techniques. 

Exercises that develop strength, resilience, and coordination for the desired movement pattern.

5 reset techniques to find limitations in single leg balance:

Soft Tissue Mobilization #1: Tibialis Anterior

1) Soft Tissue Mobilization: Tibialis Anterior

The tibilialis muscle pulls the foot upwards towards the body (dorsiflexion). 

Gastroc and Soleus

2) Soft Tissue Mobilization: Gastroc & Soleus

The gastroc and muscles help to move the foot down and point the toes (plantarflexion). 

3) Soft Tissue Mobilization: Fibularis

The fibularis muscles moves the sole of the foot away from the midline of the body (eversion). 

IMS (dry needling)

4) IMS (dry needling)

Similar to soft tissue joint mobilizations, IMS is used to release tension in tight or irritated muscles. 

posterior glide talocrural joint

5) Posterior glide talocrural joint

This is a hands on technique that facilitates movement in the joint that connects the shin bone to the talus bone with the talus bone in the foot. Creating movement in this joint can free up dorsiflexion and plantarflexion. 

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Active Mobilization

6) Active Mobilization

These techniques help restore joint movements while the client actively works through the available range to improve control. 


7) Manipulation

This can be a higher level stimulus to allow for greater temporary improvements in available range. 

What's next?

After a thorough assessment of your single leg balance, the next step is to treat the root cause of your limitations so you can get back to 100%. This will consist of a combination of hands-on treatment techniques as well as specific exercises. 

Stay tuned for the next post in the series: Single Leg Balance Reinforce and Reload. 

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Matt N
Sam tested and segmented each movement to highlight my gaps and opportunities. He taught in language and concepts simple to understand, extremely practical to continue at home, and most importantly gave me confidence and realistic expectations.
Olga MIkhailichenko
Very happy with my first Lift treatment visit – all staff is extremely friendly and knowledgeable, approach to treatment is very personal and designed to accommodate your needs. Special thank you to Heather Camenzind for being patient and making it a comfortable experience.

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