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Volleyball Champions Warmup: The Perfect Routine for Peak Performance

A good volleyball warmup routine is essential for optimizing our performance and preventing injuries during games. However, not all warm-up routines are created equal. That’s why we’ve developed a volleyball-specific warm-up routine that boosts performance by targeting movements specific to the sport, while also incorporating prehab exercises to prevent injuries. To demo the exercise, we’ve recruited Team Canada volleyball players Nicole McNamara and Megan McNamara as well as Varsity volleyball player Coltyn Liu to take us through the exercises! 

Read on and check out our youtube video to learn how to perform the perfect volleyball warmup!

The Importance of a Volleyball Warmup

Volleyball warmups are crucial to prevent injuries and optimize performance. Volleyball involves a lot of jumping, twisting, and sudden changes in direction, which can put a lot of stress on your muscles and joints. By warming up, you increase your heart rate and circulation, which helps to deliver more oxygen to your muscles, making them more pliable and less prone to injury. Additionally, warming up helps to improve your range of motion, flexibility, and balance, which are all important factors for playing volleyball at a high level. By incorporating a volleyball warmup routine into your pregame routine, you can help reduce your risk of injury and perform better on the court.

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The Ultimate Volleyball Warmup

Many members of the team at Lift Clinic have played or coached volleyball at a high level. Thats why we’re passionate about using our expertise to help the next generation of players optimize their performance. Our physiotherapists and strength coaches have collaborated to create a comprehensive volleyball warmup that targets movements specific to the sport. In the warmup, exercises focus on key movements in the ankles, knees, hips, shoulders, and upper back. These movements are combined in a way to maximize performance for sport specific tasks such as jump up for a block or going for a kill. Check out the volleyball warmup chart below for an outline and check out our youtube video above for a full tutorial!

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