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Prime Athlete Drop-in sessions
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Join us at LIFT Clinic for a social 3-5km walk/jog every Thursday evening 6:30-7:30pm throughout the Summer months!

Meet other people in the community and get moving with the help of a coach to lead you through a proper warmup and cool down!

Any and all levels welcome!

How Our Unique Strength and Conditioning Program Can Help You Get Your Goals on Track:

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Build strength, refine sport skills, or learn the fundamentals of strength training? Why not all three! Starting with our intake form and continuing through your program – we want to know WHY you’re here. What do you hope to achieve?

Using the principles of strength training, our strength coaches use tried-and-true methods the latest research to design effective strength programs tailored to youth athletes. Gradual progression, correct technique, and educating clients are valued above all else. 

Our strength coaches are not only awesome at delivering effective programs, they also know how to asses for movement limitations. Using our classic head-to-toe assessment, they can quickly identify where mobility or weaknesses might persist and how it may be affecting your form. From there, they can personalize specific mobility and strength exercises to overcome these movement barriers. If needed, we can also refer you to our team of physiotherapists, chiropractors, and massage therapists

Our strength coaches have worked with athletes of all ages in a variety of sports. They themselves have plays a variety of sports too! With this knowledge, we can design strength programs that focus on improving movement patterns and strength specific to your sport. Pro tip: find 3 friends who have the same sport performance goals as you and sign up together!

A thorough 30-minute initial consultation to determine client-trainer compatibility and set specific goals prior to determining the best training program.

Common Strength and Conditioning Performance Goals We Frequently Work With

  • Full-body movement checkup
  • Jump higher
  • Run faster
  • Strength and conditioning for jumping
  • Build strength
  • Core stability
  • Squat deeper
  • Press better
  • Carry better
  • Hinge better
  • Mobility development
  • Advanced flexibility (yoga, dance and gymnastics)

1:1 Training

1-1 training sessions focus on personalized exercise programming for specific training goals that entails an in-depth experience with your strength and conditioning coach. View appointment availability and book an appointment here.

2:1 Training

Join our 1-hour S&C sessions with your workout partner! With personalized strength and conditioning sessions tailored to your goals and needs, you’ll maximize your performance potential and see it pay off. View appointment availability here and contact us to book.

Custom Schedule Small Group Training (3:1 & 4:1)

Our custom small group training option is available for groups of 3-4 participants. This is a popular option for groups of friends or athletes that want to work together to achieve similar goals. Book a custom small group training spot here. For access to exclusive pricing and appointment times, learn more about our pre-scheduled small group training sessions.

4-Week Personalized Strength Program

Come in for a thorough consultation and get a program from a top strength coach, made specifically for you and your goals. Our programs are uploaded to Teambuildr, a modern software that makes it easy for you to access your program wherever your preferred training environment is. Book any of our 3 program offerings here.

Team Training (5+)

At Lift Clinic we believe it’s time for athletes, coaches and parents to re-imagine what’s possible for youth athletes in terms of athletic movement and physical literacy. Our team training programs are led by some of Vancouver’s top strength and conditioning coaches who have mentored under head coaches of college and university varsity gyms such as UBC and Douglas College.

Team Training Lift Clinic
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FAQ - things people ask us about
strength and conditioning.

Which sports do your strength coaches work with?

All of them! Our strength coaches have a range of experiences through participation themselves as well as working with many high performing young athletes in the past. Volleyball, basketball, wrestling, you name it!

Whether or not our coaches have played or worked with athletes who play a specific sport, our knowledge base and network fully supports training young athletes in sports that are new to us. We can design effective programs that are both broad and specific to your sport, whatever meets your needs. 

On top of that, this 6 week program covers the fundamentals of strength training. Whether you’re a competitive swimmer or aspiring to be a pro snowboard, you’ll see some awesome improvements in your strength and confidence in movement. 

Is strength training safe?

Yes! A common misconception is that strength training is dangerous for youth athletes. We assure you, this is not the case, and unfortunately it’s held many kids back from reaching their highest potential. 

Strength training can be dangerous for youth (or anyone really) if:

  • they haven’t learned the proper and safe technique for an exercise
  • they load too heavy or progress too quickly
  • they use equipment incorrectly

In our strength and conditioning programs, a strength coach guides participants through a program designed to cover the fundamentals of strength training in a safe environment. With proper supervision and encouragement, you can increase your strength, endurance, sport-specific skills, and confidence!

Have more questions? Check out our site-wide FAQ page, or contact us!

Clients love booking online: Easy, fast, no waiting, available 24/7.