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Recap of 2022 Volleyball BC Beach Provincials!

Read on for more about our teams experience, treatment provided, and some incredible beach volleyball this past weekend!

The Lift Clinic team had the amazing opportunity to provide quality onsite medical and treatment services to athletes earlier this past week the 2022 Volleyball BC Beach Provincials! We were so excited to be apart of this event as we have been playing, coaching, treating and training the volleyball community since 2005. As a team we were so thrilled happy to be back down at Spanish Banks connecting with the community! Throughout the weekend, our team consisted of Shauna Pearce, Travis Dodds, Micheal Fung, Henry Young, Mike Fung, Dan Sisson, Dil Toor, Sam Nguyen, Johny Choy, and our AHLs who provided onsite care to volleyball athletes of all ages.

Physiotherapist, Henry Young providing treatment.

Throughout the weekend, our team provided onsite thorough head-to-toe movement assessments, physiotherapy, chiro, massage therapy, and kinesiology treatment to hard working volleyball athletes. Not to mention, we had athletes participate in our fun jump and vertical testing where everyone was encouraged to bring their competitive side out!  Whether athletes were injured, wanted to test their vertical jump with friends, or just interested in what type of services we provide. Our team had an amazing time connecting with the beach volleyball community by using our team based care that ensured that all athletes received top-quality treatment and assessment from our practitioners and mentees. 

What on-site services did we offer?

If you had pains, scrapes while playing or needed a bandage or tape up before your next match we were there to help! 

Similar to our in-house treatments, our on site care was based around thorough assessments that aimed to find the root cause of your pain that maximized athletes performance. From there, individuals experienced the same tried and true treatment that we provide in our clinic. 

Registered Massage Therapist, Dil Toor providing treatment.

Here’s a list of services that our team provided: 

  • Thorough head to toe movement assessments
  • Vertical jump testing and movement analysis from our strength coaches
  • Hands-on treatment from our RMTs, chiros, and physios including massage, corrective exercises, and IMS dry needling
  • Athletic taping
  • First aid for your bumps, bruises, scrapes, and the works

Lift Clinic students were in action

This weekend we were accompanied by students and new grads who are apart of our Lift Clinic Mentorship program! Our mentees, were busy throughout the weekend providing first aid treatment to scrapes and bumps, obtaining key health information, shadowing our practioners, and directly engaging with beach volleyball athletes that made them feel welcomed and comfortable. These were all major highlights of the weekend as our team got to work with such curious and intelligent bright students that helped our team tremendously provide onsite treatment to so many athletes. 

Kin student and Athlete Health Liaison, Tyra, providing first aid.

At Lift Clinic we believe in lifting students and new grads towards success by allowing them positive experiences for us to not only educate our mentees but also to learn from each other to hone our craft and get the best results for the athletes. We were so ecstatic by this opportunity to give back to the community and help the next generation of practitioners achieve their goals and make a positive impact on their profession!

Connecting with young athletes, students and new grads 

Throughout the weekend, our physio and kinesiology students and new grads were shadowing practitioners, interactively engaging with athletes by history taking (initial client interview concerning their visit), musculoskeletal assessment, rehabilitation, and performance exercise that not only allowed them the opportunity to hone their skills, but also for athletes to reach their performance and rehabilitation goals or also tape up an injured knee or hand after a great dig on the court! 

All ages were welcomed at the Lift Clinic tent!

Here at Lift Clinic, we look beyond the site of injury so we can find the root cause of your pain that allowed athletes this past month to locate their source of pain and bring results that helped them in their game on and off the court! In addition, all athletes throughout the weekend had access to full-head-to toe assessments and team based care that gave them access to the best available methods that solved either their pain or performance issues.

A big thanks to Volleyball BC

As a team, we wanted to say a huge thank you to Volleyball BC for inviting us and hosting such an incredible event this past week! We cannot wait till next years BC Beach Volleyball Provincials where we can see familiar friendly faces and provide excellent care to the community. A favourite team highlight of the event was seeing every athlete strive towards success and fight it out on the court. Congratulations to all beach volleyball athletes, and especially to parents, coaches, friends and family that supported every bump, set, and spike along the way to victory. 

Lift Clinic practioners running some fun jump testing with volleyball athletes!

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