Discover Better Movement with the Lift Body Blueprint

The Lift Body Blueprint – Analyze your movement with 10 simple tests that illuminate pain and mobility issues from head to toe.

You can’t improve what you can’t see.

At Lift Clinic, we do a time-efficient head to toe assessment in every appointment. This gives us a snapshot of how the whole body is moving right now. Above all, with a trained eye and detailed breakout assessments, it can lead us to understand the root cause of pain and performance problems. You probably have no idea what I’m talking about or why we’re so passionate about this topic. That’s why we want to help people begin to see movement as we do. Enter the Lift Body Blueprint.

How do YOU self-assess movement?

Whether your goal is to overcome pain or to push your performance and movement to new heights, self-assessing movement quality and quantity is a MUST! Pause for a moment to think about ONE goal that’s important to you and will require you to be physically functioning well. How is your movement today related to that goal? Are you moving well enough to achieve your goal?

Wait, back it up. Where are the resources and methods for people to self-assess movement, and learn more about their bodies? And how do you even know if you’re moving well or not?

If physios were more like dentists, people would come in for a semi-annual checkup and we’d be able to tell you where you stand. Smart. Proactive. Thorough. Indeed, you can do this, but you might not be ready yet. So that’s why we’re creating resources to help you in the comfort of your own home.

In an age of information, we believe in empowering people to better understand their body.

We know our clients want to better understand their bodies and we are not keen on keeping our secrets… well, secret.

In the past we’ve released resources such as to raise the bar for people who want to move better. Why did we do this?

First, we saw a need for a no-barriers entry point to help coaches, athletes, motivated grandparents and office workers understand fundamental strength positions and begin to learn about training progressions. Second, we wanted to help a lot of people and sport teams gain strength, learn to train movement patterns, overcome pain and prevent injuries. Third, we wanted to provide a stepping stone to help people become comfortable and competent in the gym. There are many good lessons in there about stability and coordinating movement that transfer to strength and conditioning. Lastly, it can fill some gaps for teams or individuals who don’t have time or resources to access a clinical therapist or strength coach. It’s worth checking out and especially sharing with schools and sport clubs.

However, like many exercise programs on the internet, its purpose is not to help you self-assess and analyse how to move deeper and more comfortably into a range of positions.

You want answers. First ask the right questions.

You want to keep rocking your own journey toward better movement for performance, function and health! To help with that, we want you to discover how to listen to your body. Today we’re beginning a new journey to release self-assessment tools and raise the bar for understanding movement and what is considered normal from a functional point of view.

Please note, there will always be great value in working with someone who can understand what makes you unique. This requires understanding your whole history, goals and a detailed assessment. With this you can put the whole picture together, prioritize where to start and use the best available methods to get results. (If that’s what you’re looking for, please book with one of our clinicians, this is what we specialize in! Every day we work with some of the world’s most motivated people who are striving to heal and thrive through better movement).

But if you’re keen to better understand yourself, this will get you asking some of the right questions and looking for the right answers. Remember, we genuinely wish you good luck and welcome your comments, questions and feedback. And even when working with a professional, nobody is more invested in caring for your body than you are. Own it!

Meet the Lift Body Blueprint!

For now, this is a self-assessment resource we’re introducing to our clients and select groups via interactive webinar. Our webinars are tailored to meet the needs of specific groups. For example, rhythmic gymnastics and dance clubs to volleyball and ultimate frisbee clubs, corporate departments, strength gyms and yoga studios. If you’d like to organize a webinar for your audience, we’d be glad to help.


More Lift Body Blueprint content coming soon…

We’ll be busy in the weeks ahead, so check back in a few weeks. Next steps for the Lift Body Blueprint:

  • video of the assessment positions and criteria
  • our top 3 exercises you can try at home
  • clinical insights into what to expect from a solid team of physio, chiro, massage therapists and strength coaches

Stay in touch!

If you have questions, please leave a comment below.

Without further ado, here is the Lift Body Blueprint. If you’ve got an upcoming webinar, it will be handy to print or download a copy. If you don’t have a webinar you’ll have to wait for our video resources to be able to make sense of this.

Download Here

The Lift Body Blueprint is meant to give a simple overview of fundamental movements. We highlight 3 movement patterns for the neck and back (forward bend, back bend and rotation) and two for the arms and legs. You give yourself a checkmark if you can perform the test and satisfy all criteria.

Next steps...

If you found the Lift Body Blueprint interesting and want to quickly understand how to break these movements out and learn the root causes of your movement limitations – check out our physio page where you can read up on our team and approach, link out to book a session or simply send our physios a message!

Our Chiropractor also uses these key assessments to initiate each session. Daniel has a unique ability to assess the relative contribution of various areas that seem “stuck” and help you to get them un-stuck. Learn more on our chiro page!

Our massage therapists go beyond the fluffy spa-like treatments to incorporate detailed assessments that also reflect the tests found in the Lift Body Blueprint. By now you probably recognize this is a recurring theme – and an important aspect of how we work together as a team! Learn more about or massage therapists here.

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