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Lift Clinic Mentorship – Summer 2022 Athlete Health Liaison Opportunity with MisFit Ultimate

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Learn from our experienced clinicians through the Lift Clinic Mentorship program!

Are you a student, or recent graduate of physio, chiro, RMT or strength and conditioning programs? 

At Lift Clinic, we believe in lifting people as a team so they can step up toward success — by their own definition.

The Lift Clinic mentorship program enables us to “lift” students and new grads like you. Our hope is to honour and give back to our community and the next generation of top practitioners, and help you take steps toward their definition of success.

This summer we’re excited to double down on giving back to the community, by sharing our knowledge and empowering the next generation of athletes to have a level of access to informed strength and conditioning and injury management that most of us never grew up with!

If you value personal and professional growth, caring, efficacy, communication, and being part of a team, you’ll fit in here.

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What to Expect from the Lift Clinic Mentorship

Students will be coached in a positive environment consisting of clinicians, clients and staff, every day you come on site! You’ll have the opportunity to:

  • The MisFit Ultimate AHL (athlete health liaison) opportunity is starting up on-field in the second week of June, and will run through mid-August. This opportunity is like a blend of the Varsity Trainer opportunity at UBC and the Varsity Weightroom apprenticeship. In other words, this mentorship encompasses part rehab and part performance. The AHL will be responsible for leading warm-ups for their team, providing instruction on technique/form on bodyweight exercise, sprint and jump technique. Also leading injury management topics such as upper body injury, lower body injury, concussion; acting as a first point of contact for athletes with questions about their body and referring to professionals when needed (liaison). AHL’s will be able to assist athletes with safe self-treatment options such as rolling, stretching and strengthening, and learn key tape jobs suited to this population ( 

  • Our physiotherapists and strength coaches will be designing the workshop content that will be used as training for the AHLs. Our strength coaches will be designing and recording a video based warm-up for the teams, and also a bodyweight strength and conditioning program that will be made available via TeamBuildr, an app with programming and video. The training workshops will be delivered on Thursdays 4-6pm, and may either start in May or June depending on our recruitment. AHLs must be able to attend Thursdays (mandatory) and at least one of Tuesday 4-6pm and Saturday 9am-12pm. 

  • In-clinic shadowing will be a dedicated 4-6 hour shift, once a week, and will begin in May. During this time you’ll shadow one primary therapist, but also have the opportunity to see what other practitioners on the shift are up to. This may include physio, chiro, RMT and strength and conditioning coaches. At Lift Clinic we work as a team; our hope is you’ll get a sense of this, and also be able to observe more clinical treatment and be in a better position to understand how acute injuries, chronic injuries, and mobility limitations affecting performance can be assessed and treated clinically. Thus with these insights from our physiotherapists and strength coaches,  AHL’s, will be able to make confident and effective referrals to athletes who may benefit from assessment and treatment. 

  • Priority for mentorship over the summer will be given to students, new grads and practicing therapists who are able to commit to the field time as well as the in-clinic time. While this is a volunteer experience, our goal is to be helping MisFit build capacity for better injury management and performance club-wide, and they are offering a $200 (approx) stipend for the AHL’s.

What do we ask in return for the Lift Clinic Mentorship experience?

When you come on site with Lift Clinic, you’re part of our team. We’re looking for you to have a positive impact on the people around you and demonstrate your alignment with our values. We want to see you demonstrate an organized approach to your learning. Examples that should apply now, and across your whole career:

  • Show up each day with a task in mind — how will you positively impact others in your time today?
  • Prepare an appropriate question to ask your mentor, practitioners, staff or clients today. 
  • Maintain a mindful approach by taking notes on new information and developing a clinical question or reflection during or after each visit with Lift Clinic. 
  • Use outside resources (textbooks, internet, journal research) to support what you’re learning.
  • Be respectful of time — the mentors, practitioners, staff and clients have limited time and are contributing to your experience, so look for ways to help them save time in return.
Fill out our google form (including any questions you may have)

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