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Strength and Conditioning Coach (intermediate to senior) Job Posting

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Lift Clinic is growing and we are excited to share this strength coach job posting with you! 

Who We Are

At Lift Clinic we believe in lifting people as a team, so they can achieve success by their own definition. Clients and our own team have told us that we are characterized by the following values: caring, community, communication, team, efficacy, and growth. 

We are a team of strength and conditioning coaches, physiotherapists, chiropractors and massage therapists. We work with a diverse range of clients ranging from high performance athletes to new moms, and motivated clients of all ages, who are seeking to overcome pain or improve movement, performance and longevity.

We have built our facility and systems to facilitate teamwork and break down barriers between healthcare disciplines, strength coaches and clients. Our aim is to accelerate personal and professional growth by embodying the spirit of a championship team, and optimize service delivery across the full spectrum of rehabilitation to performance goals. 

This is an ideal position for a career oriented strength and conditioning coach looking for a quality, long-term career opportunity with a group of professionals at the top of their game.

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Compensation is based on percentage of revenue and experience, approx $40-80/hr; we fully expect your caseload to build to being fully booked 2 days a week/6 to 7 hours a day, with additional seasonal team training opportunities. 

This position is to fill Sunday 9am-5pm and Monday 6am-1pm shift, as well as assist in seasonal team training e.g. Thursday and Friday 8-9pm January through March. This position may grow to full-time within 12-24 months. 

What we are offering

  • 8am-8pm reception 5 days a week; 9am-5pm reception Saturday and Sunday 
  • A fully booked team of professionals (physio, chiro, RMT) on your shift 
  • Advertising and in-house referrals to build your practice
  • Jane App Software, offering online booking
  • Teambuildr software for programming client workouts/home programs and team programs
  • G-Suite and Slack for internal communications as well as your professional email
  • Work with other busy referring therapists (physio, chiro, RMT, and strength coaches)
  • Strength and conditioning facility with barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, Keiser functional trainer, roque squat racks/rigs and bench
  • Pilates reformer
  • Weekly clinical education and case review mentorship
  • Annual on-site event services with provincial sport championships
  • Strong relationships with youth club sports especially volleyball and ultimate frisbee
  • Busy, highly visible and easily accessible location at Knight Street and Kingsway/King Edward Avenue


  • Bachelor’s Degree (Required)
  • Strength Coach/Kinesiologist: 1 year (Preferred)
  • CSCS Certification (Preferred)
  • BCAK Certification (Preferred)
  • Professional Liability Insurance and valid First Aid with CPR/AED
  • Reformer pilates and SFMA (selective functional movement assessment) may be an assest but not required. 

Who we are looking for:

  • You are keen to work with a mix of 1:1 with some small group and team training opportunities. 1:1 clients will be a mix of private paying, physio-prescribed exercise and ICBC clients.
  • You are proficient in coaching a full range of strength and conditioning lifts and programming for rehabilitation and performance oriented clients
  • You have had mentorship and experiences under guidance from experienced strength and conditioning coaches
  • You are team oriented, keen to collaborate, learn from and teach others; excited to work in collaboration with physio, chiro and RMT professionals who value strength and movement
  • You have demonstrated habits of personal and professional growth
  • You have demonstrated a caring, professional demeanor
  • You are excited to connect with 1:1 clients and find ways to support youth teams/events


  • Manage your caseload and clients to ensure they understand when and how often they need to see you in order to get results
  • For 1:1 clients – conduct an assessment at initial meeting and develop training programs based on your findings vs needs assessment for their activities and achievable goals
  • For small groups – communicate and coordinate for scheduling and continuity, develop programming based on shared goals and lateralize with modifications/progressions to suit individuals
  • For teams – build relationships and strive for goal-oriented programs ranging from introduction to strength and conditioning, to annual periodized plans; provide in-person training e.g. 1/week and online programming to be accessed through Teambuildr e.g. 2 supplemental training days/week 
  • Interact with colleagues within your team in a professional manner
  • Maintain a safe,  “wow that’s clean” operating environment and strive to leave your workplace better than you found it

Available Shifts:

Monday-Friday 6am-1pm; Thursday and Friday team training 8pm-9pm (Jan through March)

Part-time hours: 14-20 per week 

Check out the posting on Indeed to Apply Now!

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