Jane Patrick client spotlight

Client Spotlight: Jane Patrick

Please meet one of our driven clients, Jane Patrick!

Discover the inspiring story of Jane Patrick’s transformative journey recovering from her knee replacement with Lift Clinic and physiotherapist, Diana Pham! Jane underwent knee replacement surgery, showing you can achieve exceptional results with determination and hard work. Join us as we celebrate Jane’s success and share her story of recovery and rehabilitation at Lift Clinic. 


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Get to know Jane!

You may have seen Jane cycling down by Jericho Beach or up through Pacific Spirit Park on her daily routine cycles that she loves. Jane has been a client of Lift Clinic and Travis Dodds for 5 years. She is currently working directly with our physiotherapist, Diana Pham on her rehabilitation and strength training from her full knee replacement! 

Jane is originally from Melbourne, Australia, where she grew up and developed a passion for basketball and movement. She is a dedicated athlete driven by continuous improvement and growth. In particular, her determination and passion for physical activity and sports, Jane’s recovery has been remarkable due to the support, encouragement, and the motivation Diana provides.

Jane cycling client spotlight
Jane enjoying her first cycle after surgery!

The importance of rehabilitation and motivation 

Diana’s ongoing support and comprehensive rehabilitation plan has allowed Jane to make great progress on her knee’s range of motion and strength. In her youth, Jane flourished in many sports, particularly basketball and netball being her favourite. Unfortunately, she suffered an ACL tear when she was 19 years old when she was playing for the Victoria state team, that required surgery and extensive physio rehab. From this experience, Jane learnt the benefits of physio and how important it is to diligently follow your physio’s rehabilitation plan. 

Rehabilitation plays a vital role in knee replacement recovery as it aids in the restoration of range of motion that has allowed Jane to regain flexibility and mobility in her knee joint. As a result of her treatment, Jane has engaged with targeted and personalized exercises by Diana. These exercises have empowered her to  re-start her favourite physical activities such as swimming, pilates, cycling, and her passion, adventure travel. 

Most notably, she is very proud of the major improvements she has made and is thrilled to be feeling healthy and mobile again. Moreover, Jane has been diligently going to physio with Diana twice a week for 3 months where she has made astounding progress in her recovery. In conclusion, Jane has improved on the three most important areas during a knee replacement which are: strength, balance and range of motion. 

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What about movement and physical activity is important to you?

Jane client spotlight, weight lifting
Jane working on strength training with physio, Diana Pham.

Jane has always valued freedom of movement and active living, this takes on in the sports that she enjoys. She expresses that “physical activity is part of who I am, I want to continue to build new skills throughout my life”. Further, the new skills that Jane has gained from her rehabilitation has been the importance of strength training, she’s been getting spicy with those weights! 

Likewise, Jane always strives to be the best athlete she can possibly be. She applied the same determination from sport and focused it on putting all her effort into building strength and mobility back up in her knee.  

Jane playing netball
Jane playing netball with her teammates!

Jane played for Checkers netball for 15 years and grew up playing the sport when she was younger in Australia. Indeed, netball became her favourite sport to play in Vancouver, and was a vital part of her passion for physical activity and meeting fellow Aussies and Kiwi’s in Vancouver. As an illustration, Jane’s best memories and sweetest friendships are from sport. At this moment, she’s excited to grow in her rehabilitation journey and be able to start back up her favourite sports. In addition, Jane states that “physio taught me how important it is for full recovery and long-lasting health”. Further she states that Diana’s diligent care and knowledge made the transition back to physical activity seamless. 

Diana Pham shares her experience with Jane!

It’s been absolutely rewarding getting to work with Jane! In physical therapy school and in most rehab protocols used to date, we strive for a minimum knee bend of 90 degrees immediately post-surgery and greater than 115 degrees at 6 weeks and beyond.

Jane diligently came in for physiotherapy after her surgery and achieved an astounding 130 degrees of knee bend by week 3 of rehabilitation. She then improved her hamstring strength from 50% to 95% of normal and quad strength from 20% to 63% of normal in 6 weeks! The rehab process after a joint replacement is not easy and straightforward but Jane put in a lot of work to get to where she is and I am so proud to get to work with amazing clients like Jane. You’re a superstar Jane!

Are you ready to take charge and optimize your knee replacement recovery?

Ultimately, rehabilitation and strength training are vital in knee replacement recovery. These two areas  aids in restoration of range of motion, strengthens the surrounding muscles, manages pain, prevents future complication and promotes independence. If you are interested in engaging with physiotherapy for future recovery from surgery, targeting an injury, or wanting to work on your movement and strength training, book an appointment today at Lift Clinic. Further, engaging in a diligent and compressive rehabilitation plan, under guidance by one of Lift Clinic’s clinicians, can greatly enhance the success of knee replacement surgery and improve outcomes for patients like Jane.

Join us in celebrating Jane's inspiring recovery! 

We are so happy to share Jane’s inspiring story and highlight her in our client spotlight series! Jane’s remarkable progress in her movement, mobility and strength is a testimate to her unwavering determination. Her recovery journey shows that with time and dedication, and rehabilitation, you can return to your passions in life. We invite you to share your stories and other motivated individuals in our Lift Clinic community who deserve recognition. Let’s celebrate their accomplishments together by emailing your nominations to oliviapatrick@liftclinic.ca to share their story!

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